How to sell

How to sell

1.    Go to or download the FatDaddy UK App from Google Play or the App Store.

2.    Register using your e-mail and phone number (or do it via Facebook or Google). Make sure you are entering a correct phone number, so your clients could reach you!

3.    Make photos of your item. Feel free to make a lot of photos using your smartphone. Make sure they show your item in the best light.

4.    Press Add Listing to advertise.

5.    Choose a proper category, upload your photos, and write a clear title and full description of your item. Enter a fair price, select attributes, and send your advert to review!

6.    Answer the messages and calls from your clients!

7.    If everything is ok with your advert, it will be on FatDaddy in a couple of hours after sending to moderation. We will send you a letter and notification when your advert goes live. Check your messages and be ready to earn money!